Based in Brighton and serving clients all around the world, Oliver Relations offers a comprehensive public relations consultancy service. We work in close partnership with our clients to identify their business needs and deliver bespoke PR and publicity campaigns.
Founded in 2003, Oliver Relations offers a range of services including media relations, marketing/promotional consultancy, social media management, events and crisis management.
It is not enough to fire off miss directed press releases and expect results, yet it is baffling that this is still a popular way in which PR’s operate.

At our creative boutique PR agency we use our journalistic smarts to offer a carefully balanced combination of experience, enthusiasm and flair, designed to broaden horizons and stimulate more business.
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Oliver PR has built its reputation in the travel and tourism industries and continues to represent leading destinations and some of the world’s finest luxury resorts. Recently it has also built an impressive portfolio of property clients and now has a strong presence in both the UK and overseas property markets, strengthening its reputation as a PR marketing agency in the luxury property and lifestyle sectors.

Our Consultancy is firmly results orientated and offers strategic input and tactical solutions built on a platform of commitment, innovation, understanding and creativity. Our Brighton location means that we are able to offer more value for money and seriously competitive rates – based on retainer fees , project fees or a mixture of both – while at the same time delivering a cutting edge service.

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